farm animals' fascioliasis in ezbet el-bakly (tamyia center) al-fayoum continue the study on fascioliasis in tamyia center, some farm animals were investigated for natural infection with fasciola species by stool examination. the results showed 40% infection in sheep, 20% in buffalos, 6.7% in donkeys and zero% in horses. the overall percentage of infection was 25.5. the sheep (total dose 1800mg) and the donkey (total dose (4500 mg.) were successfully treated with mirazid. on the other hand, one buffalo was successfully treated by a total dose 7500mg, the seconds ...200516333892
comparative study between serological and molecular methods for diagnosis of toxoplasmosis in women and small ruminants in egypt.routine serological diagnosis of toxoplasmosis provides high sensitivity, but specificity varies depending on the test used; false-positive results (igm) have been reported. blood samples were collected from 88 women (59 pregnant and 29 nonpregnant) and 86 contact animals (62 sheep and 24 goats) at el fayoum governorate during the period from october 2005 to december 2006. all collected samples were tested for toxoplasma gondii infection by serological tests (elisa igm & igg and sabin-feldman dy ...201019743922
molecular and immunological detection of bovine herpesvirus-1 in clinical specimens.a nested polymerase chain reaction (nested-pcr), utilizing glycoprotein b (gb) gene of bovine herpesvirus-1 (bhv-1) as a target, virus isolation (vi), indirect immunofluorescence (ifa) and in situ immuno-peroxidase (ipr) staining in cell culture were conducted for detection of bhv-1 in suspected cattle, buffalo and sheep clinical specimens. the specimens were obtained in the form of nasal swabs, buffy coats and sera from different localities in egypt (ei-sharquia, dumyat and ei-fayoum). a total ...200517977217
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