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efficacy of commiphora molmol (mirazid) against sheep naturally infected with monieziasis expansa in al-santa center, gharbia governorate, egypt.the efficacy of commiphora molmol or myrrh (mirazid) was evaluated in treating sheep naturally infected with moniezia expansa. total doses of one, two or three capsules (300 mg each) were given for one, two, three, four, five, six, seven and eight successive days on an empty stomach an hour before offering their breakfast. every day the stools of the three groups were examined microscopically and macroscopically for eggs and/or gravid segments. when the stool was negative, the treatment was stop ...200415587306
some parasitic flukes infecting farm animals in al-santa center, gharbia governorate, egypt.a total of 213 farm animals in the vicinity of al-santa center (73 cattle, 90 buffaloes and 50 sheep) were coprologic examined for natural infection with trematod-parasites. the results showed that cattle were infected with fasciola sp (21.8%) and paramphistomum sp. (7.3%), buffaloes were infected with fasciola sp. (17.7%) and paramphistomum sp. (10%), while sheep were infected with fasciola sp. (30%), d. dendriticum (5%) and paramphistomum sp. (4%). the three animal species were treated for par ...200616605115
seroprevalences and local variation of human and livestock brucellosis in two villages in gharbia governorate, egypt.this study aimed at assessing the epidemiology of brucellosis among both human and livestock populations in an endemic area in egypt. a cross-sectional survey was conducted in two villages, where 616 inhabitants (aged 3-75 years) and 350 livestock of 97 households were enrolled. sera were tested for brucella spp. antibodies by tube agglutination test for both populations. proportions of seropositive sera were 0.0 and 1.7% among the inhabitants, and 0.0 and 16% among livestock of villages i and i ...200717604066
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