biting flies and trypanosoma vivax infection in three highland districts bordering lake tana, epidemiological study was conducted to determine the prevalence of trypanosomosis in cattle, small ruminants and equidae, and to identify biting flies; potential mechanical vectors of trypanosomes in the three districts of bahir dar zuria, dembia and fogera, bordering lake tana, ethiopia. about 1509 cattle, 798 small ruminants and 749 equidae were bled for the prevalence study using the buffy-coat method and the measurement of the hematocrit value. sixty-six ngu and 20 monoconical traps were ...200616890359
hydatidosis of slaughtered animals in bahir dar abattoir, northwestern ethiopia.the study was conducted from may 2005 to december 2006 in bahir dar abattoir to assess the current status of hydatidosis in cattle and sheep. hydatid cyst count and characterization were conducted based on routine meat inspection. of the total 420 cattle and 340 sheep slaughtered in bahir dar abattoir 143 (34.05%) and 36 (10.6%) animals were found harboring hydatid cysts respectively. thorough meat inspection in the abattoir revealed that 202 and 54 visceral organs were found harboring one or mo ...200919052901
growth performances of washera sheep under smallholder management systems in yilmanadensa and quarit districts, ethiopia.a study was conducted to evaluate growth performances of washera sheep under smallholder production systems in the yilmanadensa and quarit districts of the amhara national regional state, ethiopia. data were collected and analysed on the growth of 690 lambs owned by 110 households from october 2004 to september 2007. weight (kilograms) of washera lambs at birth, 1, 3, 6, 9 and 12 months of age was 2.69 +/- 0.02, 7.10 +/- 0.16, 12.42 +/- 0.11, 16.12 +/- 0.91, 20.05 +/- 0.55 and 23.47 +/- 0.68, re ...201019876754
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