the prevalence of cysticercosis and hydatidosis in ethiopian sheep.five hundred and sixty sheep, slaughtered at an addis ababa abattoir, were examined for cysticercosis and hydatidosis. the prevalence of the metacestodes of taenia hydatigena was 37.1% and that of echinococcus granulosus 16.4%. in addition, the age and sex prevalences of hydatid cysts, their organ distribution and the ratio of fertile cysts were determined.19883388745
endemic existence of rabies in ethiopia.the study on the prevalence of rabies was conducted on a retrospective data gathered from ehnri rabies diagnostic laboratory addis ababa, in the years 1979-1987. during this period a total of 8036 animals were brought to the rabies diagnostic laboratory. ninety one percent (7329) of these animals were dogs. the remaining 8.8% (707) comprised of cats, domestic animals (donkeys, cows, sheep) and wild animals (monkeys, jackals and hyenas). out of 7329 dogs examined 832 were positive for rabies. dog ...200212240578
hydatidosis of sheep and goats slaughtered at addis ababa abattoir: prevalence and risk factors.abattoir survey was conducted on 1,053 sheep and 639 goats slaughtered at addis ababa abattoir, ethiopia, between october 2007 and may 2008, with the objective to determine the prevalence of hydatidosis and assess the associated risk factors. routine meat inspection procedure was employed to detect the presence of the cyst in visceral organs (lung, liver, and omentum). hydatid cysts were found in 206 (19.94%) and 102 (16%) of the sheep and goats inspected, respectively. statistically significant ...201019911295
abattoir evidence on association between uterine and ovarian abnormalities in ethiopian highland ewes.a study was conducted on 3275 non-pregnant ethiopian highland ewes slaughtered at the addis ababa municipal abattoir to determine whether uterine and ovarian abnormalities were associated. each reproductive tract was examined for the presence of ovarian cysts, ovarobursal adhesions and gross uterine abnormalities. the percentage of ewes with ovarian cysts, ovarobursal adhesions and combination of both on the same ovary was 4.3%, 7.6% and 1.7%, respectively. the percentage of uterine abnormalitie ...200918482806
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