the prevalence of coccidian species in sheep in kars province of turkey.coccidia were detected in the faeces of 556 out of 592 sheep (93.9%) in sheep in kars province. the prevalence of coccidiosis was significantly higher (p < 0.01) in young (97.9%) and immature sheep (96.6%) than in adult sheep (90.2%). mixed infections were widespread (71.5%). ten species of eimeria were recognized. these species (and their prevalences) were: eimeria ovinoidalis (47.7%), e. bakuensis (e. ovina) (46.6%), e. parva (37.1%), e. granulosa (27.7%), e. ahsata (23.4%), e. pallida (23.2%) ...199910445251
occurrence of anthrax in kars district, turkey.the aims of the study were to determine the prevalence of anthrax by bacteriologic methods in cattle and sheep between january 2000 and september 2001 and to determine the distribution of this zoonotic disease in humans in kars district, turkey. bacillus anthracis was isolated and identified in 34 out of 38 (91%) cattle and 11 out of 17 (64%) sheep samples obtained from organs suspected of anthrax. the records of the governmental health branch showed that 89 cases of cutaneous anthrax were diagn ...200212061231
lambs with white muscle disease and selenium content of soil and meadow hay in the region of kars, turkey. 200212093198
variability in the echinococcus granulosus cytochrome c oxidase 1 mitochondrial gene sequence from livestock in turkey and a re-appraisal of the g1-3 genotype cluster.investigations into the genetic strains of echinococcus granulosus parasites occurring in sheep and cattle in turkey were undertaken. a total of 112 hydatid cysts were investigated from sheep (100 isolates) derived from widely distributed sites within turkey as well as from cattle (12 isolates) from the turkish province of kars. the parasite genotypes in these isolates were determined by dna sequencing of part of the mitochondrial cytochrome c oxidase 1 (cox1) gene. haplotypes were identified wh ...200818485601
epidemiology of oestrus ovis infestations in sheep in kars province of north-eastern turkey.this study was carried out to determine the prevalence of cavical myiasis caused by oestrus ovis larvae in sheep of kars province of north-eastern part of turkey. from 30 to 35 sheep heads (total of 387) were examined every month regularly for o. ovis larvae during 12 months. of 387 heads, 156 (%40.3) were infested with o. ovis larvae.. the prevalence of nasal myiasis was 54.3% in spring, 41% in summer, 28% in fall, and 38.9% in winter. the differences among seasons were significant statisticall ...200918523857
the prevalence of cryptosporidium species in diarrhoeic lambs in kars province and potential risk factors.this study was carried out to determine the prevalence of cryptosporidium species in diarrhoeic lambs and investigate some risk factors in kars province (northeastern region of anatolia) in turkey. four hundred faecal samples were taken from the rectums of clinically diarrhoeic and aged to 1-month-old lambs from 34 sheep farms in 20 villages in march-april 2007 and examined by using the modified acid-fast staining technique. the prevalence of cryptosporidium species was found as 38.8% (155/400). ...200918985428
seroepidemiological investigation of brucellosis in sheep abortions in kars, turkey.this study was undertaken to investigate the seroprevalence of brucellosis in unvaccinated sheep from the flocks having previous abortion cases in kars and around, turkey and to compare the efficacy of each serological test used. four hundred serum samples collected from 16 different flocks of sheep having a history of abortions in kars and its surrounding area in turkey were examined for the presence of antibodies raised against brucella using rose bengal plate test (rbpt), serum agglutination ...200919052909
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