prevalence of hydatidosis and fertility of hydatid cysts in sheep in kirikkale, turkey.this study was conducted in order to determine the prevalence and fertility of hydatid cysts in sheep in kirikkale, turkey. a total of 3.2% of 553 lambs and 50.9% of 1320 adults were found to be infected with hydatid cysts. the most common locations of cysts were in the liver and lung. liver cysts tended to be more fertile than lung cysts (81.53% v. 76.47%), though the difference was not significant. the mean number of viable protoscoleces in the liver and lung cysts were 12,400 and 5,800, respe ...200312737045
prevalence of lungworm infection in sheep and cattle in the kirikkale province.a slaughterhouse survey was performed for one year in order to determine the prevalence and intensity of lungworm infections in both sheep and cattle in the kirikkale region. thirty-four percent of 100 sheep examined were infected with lungworms and the species found in the infected lungs were cystocaulus ocreatus (50.0%) and dictyocaulus filaria (23.5%). mixed infections were detected in 26.5% of the infected lungs. worm nodules and brood nodules of c. ocreatus were observed in the lungs. the r ...200617160850
[the prevalence of sarcocystis species in sheep slaughtered in municipality slaughterhouse in kirikkale].this study was undertaken for the determination of sarcocysts species in sheep slaughtered in kirikkale municipality slaughterhouse. for this study, oesophageal, diaphragm and intercostal muscles were collected from randomly selected 112 sheep out of 1131 sheep (814 sheep and 317 lambs) that were slaughtered from october 2005 to may 2006. the samples were examined for macro and microcyst of sarcocysts spp. macrocysts and microcysts were found in 58.92% of the overall samples. microcysts were fou ...200718224615
[a case of gingival myiasis in a lamb caused by the wohlfahrtia magnifica (diptera: sarcophagidae)].gingival myiasis was found in a 4-5-months lamb which was brought to the surgical clinic of the veterinary faculty of kirikkale university due to a wound in its mouth. eleven larvae were collected from lamb's gums. the larvae were identified as the third stage larvae of wohlfahrtia magnifica.200818351558
determination of brucella spp. in raw milk and turkish white cheese in this study, a total of 105 samples including 35 raw milk, 35 cows' milk cheese, and 35 ewes' milk cheese samples were obtained from kirikkale city and investigated for the presence and contamination level of brucella species. for this reason, milk and cheese samples were collected in aseptic conditions and brought to the laboratory under cold conditions. the method suggested from farrel was used for the isolation and identification of brucella spp. in addition, most probable number technique ...200212161972
panton-valentine leukocidin and some exotoxins of staphylococcus aureus and antimicrobial susceptibility profiles of staphylococci isolated from milks of small ruminants.the aims of this study were to determine the existence of pvl gene, some toxin genes, and meca gene in staphylococcus aureus strains isolated from sheep milk and to examine antimicrobial resistance profiles in staphylococci from sheep and goats' milk. the milk samples were collected from 13 different small ruminant farms in kirikkale province from february to august 2009. a total of 1,604 half-udder milk samples from 857 ewes and 66 half-udder milk samples from 33 goats were collected. staphyloc ...201121800213
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