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selenium content of milk and milk products of turkey. ii.selenium content of 1028 milk and milk products of turkey are presented in this study. the selenium content of human milk (colostrum, transitional, and mature milk), various kinds of milk [cow, sheep, goat, buffalo, paper boxes (3%, 1.5%, 0.012% fat), bottled milk, condensed milk (10% fat), mineral added milk (1.6%), and banana, strawberry, and chocolate milk] and milk products (kefir, yogurt, ayran, various cheese, coffee cream, ice cream, butter, margarine, milk powder, and fruit yogurt) in tu ...199910208658
comparative structural and functional studies of avian and mammalian hemoglobins.thermal stabilities of chicken, grey lag goose (anser anser), turkey as avian hemoglobins (hbs); and human, bovine, sheep and horse as mammalian hbs in hemolysate form were investigated and compared with oxygen affinities taken from literature. the thermal stability was obtained from thermal profiles using temperature scanning spectrophotometry. the buffer conditions were 50 mm tris, ph 7.2, and 1 mm edta. the average of the inverse temperature transitions, average hydrophobicity, total van der ...200212362988
[investigation of cryptosporidium sp. in workers of the van municipality slaughterhouse and in slaughtered animals].this study was carried out in order to investigate the prevalence of cryptosporidium sp. in slaughtered animals and workers of the van municipality slaughterhouse in van. animals slaughtered at different times and workers who had been working in different departments of the slaughter house were included in the study for three months. a total of 309 fecal specimens from animals including 167 sheep, 56 goats and 86 cattle and 87 fecal specimens from workers were examined for cryptosporidium sp. oo ...200818351543
molecular genetic characterization of different isolates of echinococcus granulosus in east and southeast regions of turkey.we used pcr-rflp analysis of ribosomal its1 fragment using four different restriction enzymes and dna sequencing of mitochondrial co1 gene to investigate the genetic characteristics of isolates of echinococcus granulosus obtained from different hosts (179 sheep, 19 cattle, 7 goat, 1 camel, 1 dog and 1 human) and regions (elazig, malatya, erzurum, van, diyarbakir and sanliurfa) of turkey. the report represents the most comprehensive genotypic investigation of e. granulosus isolates undertaken in ...200818579101
[sheep trichostrongylidosis in van province].this study was performed in the van municipality slaughterhouse from january to december 2001. abomasums and small intestines from a total of 104 sheep were transported to the parasitology laboratory of the veterinary faculty of yüzüncü yil university for parasitological examination. the abomasums and small intestines of the animals were opened with appropriate technique in the laboratory, and male nematodes were collected from the contents of the abomasums and small intestines using a sampling ...200919851969
[the prevalence of linguatula serrata (fröhlich, 1789) nymphs in sheep in the van province].this research was carried out in order to detect the prevalence of linguatula serrata nymphs in lung and mesenteric lymph nodes of sheep in van province. for this purpose, mesenteric lymph nodes of 347 sheep and lung lymph nodes of 224 sheep were examined. l. serrata nymphs were found in 18 (5.19%) out of 347 sheep. l. serrata nymphs were not found in the lung lymph nodes of 224 sheep. in infected sheep, a total of 19 l. serrata nymphs were collected and two nymphs of l. serrata were seen in one ...200919367542
a serological investigation of pestiviruses in sheep in eastern border of turkey.all pestiviruses are important veterinary pathogens causing economic losses in cattle, sheep, and pigs. in this study, blood samples randomly collected from 465 sheep were analysed for the presence of antibodies to pestiviruses (bovine viral diarrhea virus, border disease virus) using an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay in the province of van and their towns. the seroprevalance were estimated as 75.9% and 60.0-82.5% in the sampled animals and sampled towns, respectively. the results revealed th ...201121461731
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