domestic animals as reservoirs for sleeping sickness in three endemic foci in south-eastern uganda.the persistence of sleeping sickness (human african trypanosomiasis) in some areas of south-eastern uganda has necessitated further investigations, focusing mainly on domestic animals as reservoirs of this disease in three agro-ecological zones. the inter-zone differences in the prevalences of trypanosome infection among cattle (p < 0.001) and pigs (p < 0.001) were significant. overall, 5.0% of the cattle, 13.9% of the pigs and 0.4% of the small ruminants investigated were found to be infected w ...200312803870
the prevalence of trypanosomosis in small ruminants and pigs in a sleeping sickness endemic area of buikwe county, mukono district, uganda.a survey of trypanosomosis in goats, sheep and pigs was carried out in buikwe county, mukono district of south eastern uganda between april and august 1994. infection rates of 8.8% in 204 goats, 26.7% in 60 sheep and 32.4% in 68 pigs of all ages and both sexes were recorded. trypanosoma brucei parasites were found in goats and pigs, t. congolense in sheep and pigs and t. vivax in goats and sheep. infection rates were similar in both sexes of animal species and it was observed that t. vivax cause ...19968881420
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