[helminth fauna of syrian lambs].a study of the helminth fauna of lambs in syria was made on 40 gastrointestinal tubes and 500 lungs from animals slaughtered in the abattoir of hama. the parasites isolated were 21 nematode species, 4 cestode species and 2 bladderworm species (cysticercus tenuicollis and echinococcus species). nematodirus oiratianus, moniezia benedeni and neostrongylus linearis were found for the first time in lambs in syria. a detailed description is given of morphologic characteristics of nematodirus oiratianu ...1977595794
species identification and serotyping (capsular antigen) of pasteurella strains from sheep flocks in south germany and in syria.135 pasteurella strains were cultivated from nasal swabs of sheep as well as pneumonic lungs of dead and slaughtered sheep. the specimen originated from 41 flocks in south germany and from 15 flocks and 60 slaughter sheep in syria (hama region). serovariety a2 prevailed amongst p. haemolytica strains (6) isolated in south germany (53 strains) and in syria (41 strains). in addition 10 further serovarieties were identified in south germany (next frequent were a8, a1 and a6) and 7 in syria. untypab ...19883223146
serosurvey on theileriosis in awassi sheep in syria.a serological survey using indirect fluorescent antibody test (ifat) for theileria spp. infection of sheep has been carried out from 1994 to 1997 in the provinces daraa, hama, homs and latakia in syria. the results revealed a mean seroprevalence of 59.9% without significant differences between years (p = 0.57) and provinces (p = 0.126).199910206101
[serological studies on prevalence of toxoplasma gondii in awassi sheep in syria].survey was conducted in 9 syrian provinces on clinically healthy awassi sheep. serum samples were collected from several districts (more than 47 localities--31 villages and 20 herds). animals were 1-5 years old. 458 samples were collected in spring 1997 and 352 samples were collected from november 1998 through february 1999. the result indicated that seroprevalence of toxoplasma gondii ranged between 0-100% in the herds and 13.8-74.5% between the provinces. and the mean of sero-prevalence was 44 ...200212058592
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