the chehr abad "salt men" and the isotopic ecology of humans in ancient iran.we have carried out isotopic analysis (δ(13)c and δ(15)n) on five salt-preserved bodies from the salt mine at chehr abad, iran, dating from the 4th c. bc through to the 4th c. ad. in an attempt to identify the geographical origins of these people, we have analyzed over a hundred archeological bone samples from various archeological sites in iran. from the faunal remains, we observe that the entire ecosystem appears to be enriched in (15)n, which we suggest is due to the semi-arid nature of the r ...201020949607
species diversity and geographic distribution of hard ticks (acari: ixodoidea: ixodidae) infesting domestic ruminants, in qazvin province, iran.this report presents the results of the first faunistic study of hard ticks in qazvin province of iran. the primary objective was to determine the species diversity and geographic distribution of hard ticks that parasitize domestic ruminants. information about the abiotic preferences of these species has been provided. a total of 286 cattle, 1,053 goats, and 2,050 sheep were examined in 13 villages in 28 flocks distributed throughout the studied areas. total direct body collections of ticks were ...201121805220
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