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serological survey of antibodies to toxoplasma gondii.toxoplasmosis is one of the most prevalent parasitic infections of man and livestock, and its transmission has usually been attributed to ingestion of undercooked or raw meat from infected livestock, with the infection rate in those animals being an important risk predictor of human disease, high in iran and ardabil state. during a study on this public health problem, we tested serum samples from cattle, goats, sheep and chicken from the state of ardabil, iran, for igg antibodies to toxoplasma g ...200617348753
the prevalence, intensity and viability of hydatid cysts in slaughtered animals in the ardabil province of northwest a cross-sectional study, a total of 5381 slaughtered animals, namely 928 cattle, 243 buffaloes, 3765 sheep and 445 goats were inspected macroscopically for hydatid cysts in northwest iran, with prevalence values of 38.3%, 11.9%, 74.4% and 20%, respectively, being recorded. prevalences were higher in females compared with males, but a significant difference (p < 0.001) was only found in sheep and cattle. most cases which were condemned were seen in the lungs of sheep (13.4%) indicating that sh ...200717381862
status of haemaphysalis tick infestation in domestic ruminants in iran.the geographical distribution and ecological preferences of haemaphysalis in domestic animals in iran were studied 4 times a year from april 2003 to march 2005. a total of 1,622 ixodid tick specimens were collected from 3 different zones. among them, 108 (6.7%) haemaphysalis ticks, consisting of 6 species, were identified; h. punctata (3.4%), h. parva (0.5%), h. sulcata (0.6%), h. choldokovskyi (1.7%), h. concinna (0.06%) and haemaphysalis sp. (0.6%). h. punctata was the most abundant species, w ...200717570976
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