status of haemaphysalis tick infestation in domestic ruminants in iran.the geographical distribution and ecological preferences of haemaphysalis in domestic animals in iran were studied 4 times a year from april 2003 to march 2005. a total of 1,622 ixodid tick specimens were collected from 3 different zones. among them, 108 (6.7%) haemaphysalis ticks, consisting of 6 species, were identified; h. punctata (3.4%), h. parva (0.5%), h. sulcata (0.6%), h. choldokovskyi (1.7%), h. concinna (0.06%) and haemaphysalis sp. (0.6%). h. punctata was the most abundant species, w ...200717570976
an epidemiological survey on bovine and ovine babesiosis in kurdistan province, western iran.the aim of this study was to determine the prevalence of the babesia infection in domestic animals in kurdistan province of iran for the first time. in this survey, 9,111 domestic livestock, including cattle and sheep, were randomly sampled and examined from 500 flocks in kurdistan province from july 2007 to september 2009. thin peripheral blood smears were taken and then stained by giemsa staining method. from a total of 9,111 collected samples, 2,642 were sheep and 6,469 were cattle. babesia s ...201222109588
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