trends and highlights in candida research. the 8th asm conference about candida and candidiasis, denver (colorado, usa), 13-17 march 2006. 200616696664
incidence of serum precipitins against organic-dust antigens in different populations by counterimmunoelectrophoresis.the incidence of serum antidust and antifungal precipitins was determined by counterimmunoelectrophoresis in 317 atopic and nonatopic subjects of three geographic areas (north central, southern, and western united states). the selected lyophilized crude antigens employed were from house dust, micropolyspora faeni, candida albicans, alternaria tenuis, aspergillus fumigatus, puccinia coronata, cantharellus cibarius, and amborsia trifida. antidust precipitins were detected with high frequency in at ...19751192851
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