trichomonas and yeast vaginitis in institutionalized adolescent girls. 19734631169
incidence of serum precipitins against organic-dust antigens in different populations by counterimmunoelectrophoresis.the incidence of serum antidust and antifungal precipitins was determined by counterimmunoelectrophoresis in 317 atopic and nonatopic subjects of three geographic areas (north central, southern, and western united states). the selected lyophilized crude antigens employed were from house dust, micropolyspora faeni, candida albicans, alternaria tenuis, aspergillus fumigatus, puccinia coronata, cantharellus cibarius, and amborsia trifida. antidust precipitins were detected with high frequency in at ...19751192851
keratomycosis in wisconsin.candida albicans was the most common fungus responsible for mycotic keratitis in our series from a northern climate, as opposed to southern climates where other fungi were more common. pimaricin was effective in our patients with candida infections and in one patient with aspergillus infection that had been unresponsive to previous amphotericin b.1975162899
new bioactive rosigenin analogues and aromatic polyketide metabolites from the freshwater aquatic fungus massarina tunicata.four new rosigenin analogues (massarigenins a-d; 1-4) and two new aromatic polyketide-derived secondary metabolites (massarinins a and b; 6, 7) and have been isolated from the freshwater aquatic fungus massarina tunicata. the structures of these compounds were determined primarily by analysis of nmr data, and that of compound 1 was verified by x-ray crystallography. the known compound 4-(2-hydroxybutynoxy)benzoic acid (11) was also obtained, and its absolute stereochemistry was assigned. several ...200312542349
decaspirones a-e, bioactive spirodioxynaphthalenes from the freshwater aquatic fungus decaisnella thyridioides.decaspirones a-e (1-5), five new compounds related to the palmarumycins, were isolated from cultures of the freshwater aquatic fungal species decaisnella thyridioides. the known compound palmarumycin cp1 (6) was also obtained. the structures of 1-5 were determined by analysis of nmr and ms data, and their relative configurations were assigned by analysis of 1h nmr j-values and noesy data. the structure of the lead compound 1 was confirmed by x-ray crystallographic analysis. compounds 1-5 possess ...200617190439
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