occurrence of human-associated yeasts in bivalve shellfish from long island sound.candida parapsilosis, c. tropicalis, and torulopsis glabrata were the human-associated yeasts most frequently isolated from quahogs, oysters, and mussels collected from four estuarine areas along the northern shore of long island sound. some inconsistency and seasonal variation in the occurrence of these and other yeast species were noted. in particular, c. albicans densities were greatest during colder months in the more heavily polluted waters. a total of 347 yeasts were isolated and cultured ...1977322610
epidemiology of community-onset candidemia in connecticut and maryland.almost one-third of patients with bloodstream infections with candida species (candidemia) have onset of disease that occurs outside of the hospital or < or = 2 days after hospital admission (i.e., community-onset candidemia). we compared the characteristics of patients who developed candidemia by the timing of onset of infection.200616758415
isolation of candida albicans and halophilic vibrio spp. from aquatic birds in connecticut and florida.halophilic vibrios were recovered from feces of six types of aquatic birds (gulls, pelicans, canada geese, swans, egrets, cormorants) from connecticut and/or florida shorelines. candida albicans was isolated from gulls and canada geese in connecticut and from gulls and cormorants in florida.19902180374
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