breakthrough candidemia in patients with cancer differs from de novo candidemia in host factors and candida species but not evaluate the risk factors associated with breakthrough candidemia in patients with cancer and to compare them with those of de novo candidemia in this patient population.200212269454
effects of diaper types on diaper dermatitis associated with diarrhea and antibiotic use in children in day-care centers.infants and toddlers in day-care centers have a relatively high frequency of diarrhea and/or oral antibiotic use, and may be at increased risk of developing diaper dermatitis when diapered. a six-month, prospective, double-blind study was conducted in day-care centers in houston, texas, to determine the frequency of diarrhea, antibiotic use, and diaper dermatitis in infants and toddlers wearing conventional (cellulose-only core) disposable diapers or disposable diapers with a core of absorbent g ...19883045780
photosensitization of cattle in southeast texas: identification of phototoxic activity associated with cooperia pedunculata.a microbiological assay (candida albicans) was used to screen plants in southeast texas where bovine photosensitization (ps) of unknown cause was a recurring problem. phototoxic activity was identified associated with dead leaf tips of cooperia pedunculata, a native, perennial forb of the amaryllis family (amaryllidaceae) from central, southeast, and south texas and parts of mexico. a syndrome compatible with naturally occurring ps in cattle was induced in laboratory mice after oral administrati ...19873434912
candida non-albicans versus candida albicans fungemia in the non-neonatal pediatric population.non-albicans candida (nac) species have been implicated as major pathogens in patients with hospital-acquired candidemia. few studies have investigated the impact of nac fungemia among pediatric patients outside of the neonatal age group.201121372750
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