candidemia in a tertiary care hospital: epidemiology, risk factors, and predictors of mortality.demographic information, risk factors, therapy, and outcome for all patients who had candidemia at barnes hospital, st. louis, between 1 september 1988 and 1 september 1989 were retrospectively reviewed. one hundred six candidemic patients were identified, representing 0.5% of all medical and surgical discharges and 0.33% of total patient discharges. these percentages represent a 20-fold increase in the incidence of candidemia at our hospital in comparison with that during 1976-1979. candida alb ...19921520786
early clinical experience with anidulafungin at a large tertiary care medical evaluate early clinical experience with anidulafungin.200818154476
catheter-associated bloodstream infections in general medical patients outside the intensive care unit: a surveillance determine the incidence of central venous catheter (cvc)-associated bloodstream infection (ca-bsi) among patients admitted to general medical wards outside the intensive care unit (icu).200717620235
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