the occurrence of candida albicans in lake ontario bathing beaches.there are inherent weaknesses associated with currently used bacterial fecal pollution indicator systems. fecal pollution indicator data would be more meaningful if supplemented with information relating to the occurrence of pathogens in recreational water. through surveys of four bathing beaches on lake ontario, it was established that the opportunistically pathogenic yeast candida albicans occurs in near shore waters. the beaches surveyed could be differentiated on the basis of bacterial fecal ...1979120220
antimicrobial activity of natural products from the flora of northern ontario, canada.the number of multidrug resistant (mdr) microorganisms is increasing and the antimicrobial resistance expressed by these pathogens is generating a rising global health crisis. in fact, there are only a few antimicrobial agents left that can be used against mdr bacteria and fungi.201525697605
peritonitis-related deaths in continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis (capd) patients.a total of 636 episodes of peritonitis occurred in 440 patients who entered our continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis (capd) program from september 1977 to february 1988. sixteen patients (8 male and 8 female, aged 37-77 years) died during an episode of peritonitis (fatality rate 2.5%). they had been on capd for 3 to 105 (average 39) months. six of them were diabetics. the peritonitis rate among these 16 patients were 1 episode per 12 patient months, while the corresponding figure for the wh ...19902085582
clinical and tree hollow populations of human pathogenic yeast in hamilton, ontario, canada are different.yeast are among the most frequent pathogens in humans. the dominant yeast causing human infections belong to the genus candida and candida albicans is the most frequently isolated species. however, several non-c. albicans species are becoming increasingly common in patients worldwide. the relationships between yeast in humans and the natural environments remain poorly understood. furthermore, it is often difficult to identify or exclude the origins of disease-causing yeast from specific environm ...201424283796
the role of fomites in the transmission of vaginitis.a role for fomites such as toilet seats in the transmission of vaginitis has never been proved or disproved. a compilation of clinical data from a university community showed that the organisms found in vaginal cultures of patients with vaginitis were, in order of frequency. candida albicans, escherichia coli, beta-hemolytic streptococci, hemophilus vaginalis and trichomonas vaginalis. in a concurrent bacteriologic survey of washroom fixtures, staphylococci and other micrococci were isolated mos ...19751092449
postmortem bacteriology and pneumonia in a mentally retarded population.postmortem pathologic and bacteriologic reports were analyzed for 237 deaths occurring at a large institution for the mentally retarded from 1958 to 1973. bronchopneumonia, aspiration pneumonia, and lipid pneumonia were frequently reported at autopsy, and in a total of 146 cases (61.6%) at least one type of pneumonia was reported. postmortem bacteriologic cultures in a smaller group revealed high recovery rates of staphylococci (coagulase-positive), hemolytic streptococci, and gram-negative baci ...1977319650
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