survival of candida albicans in tropical marine and fresh waters.a survey of candida albicans indicated that the organism was present at all sites sampled in a rain forest stream and in near-shore coastal waters of puerto rico. in the rain forest watershed no relationship existed between densities of fecal coliforms and densities of c. albicans. at two pristine sites in the rain forest watershed both c. albicans and escherichia coli survived in diffusion chambers for extended periods of time. in near-shore coastal waters c. albicans and e. coli survival times ...19873310885
microbial communities in pre-columbian coprolites.the study of coprolites from earlier cultures represents a great opportunity to study an "unaltered" composition of the intestinal microbiota. to test this, pre-columbian coprolites from two cultures, the huecoid and saladoid, were evaluated for the presence of dna, proteins and lipids by cytochemical staining, human and/or dog-specific bacteroides spp. by pcr, as well as bacteria, fungi and archaea using terminal restriction fragment analyses. dna, proteins and lipids, and human-specific bacter ...201323755194
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