acquired immunodeficiency syndrome with severe gastrointestinal manifestations in haiti.29 patients (19 males and 10 females) in haiti were diagnosed as having acquired immunodeficiency syndrome. their clinical presentation was characterised by unexplained chronic diarrhoea, prolonged fever, extreme weight loss, anorexia, and severe infections. the infectious agents included: candida albicans (27 patients), mycobacterium tuberculosis (7 patients), cryptosporidium (11 patients), pneumocystis carinii (2 patients), cytomegalovirus (4 patients), and herpes virus (3 patients). in 1 woma ...19836137696
acquired immune deficiency in haitians: opportunistic infections in previously healthy haitian immigrants.we describe acquired immune deficiency manifested by opportunistic infections in 10 previously healthy heterosexual haitian men. the opportunistic pathogens included toxoplasma gondii (in four patients), cryptococcus neoformans (in one), pneumocystis carinii (in four patients), and candida albicans (in three). six of the patients also had mycobacterium tuberculosis. immunologic studies of three patients showed a decrease in the numbers and activity of helper t cells, with normal or increased pop ...19836217423
acquired immunodeficiency syndrome in infants.fourteen infants with clinical and laboratory features of an acquired immunodeficiency syndrome were identified in a single metropolitan area from november 1980 to july 1983. patients were predominantly of haitian parentage, although two cases occurred in offspring of non-haitian intravenous drug abusers. only one patient had received a blood transfusion before the development of clinical findings. the predominant clinical findings included failure to thrive, persistent infection of the oral muc ...19846606781
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