[congenital cutaneous candidiasis: a case report and review].the aim of this article is to report a case of congenital cutaneous candidiasis (ccc). we describe the clinical features and emphasize the role of laboratory testings to assess diagnosis in the newborn and to prevent this condition by screening vaginal candidiasis in pregnant women. a full-term, 3500-g male was born by spontaneous vaginal delivery to a 30-year-old healthy woman. on physical examination, he was a well-developed, vigorous newborn. since the first hours of his life he presented ery ...200516425712
[clinical results of two-time abortion technics with special regard to ascending genital infections].if risk of the one-time mechanical dilatation will be too high (with young first gravidae and progressed pregnancy) the methods of the two-time interruptio should be applied. as long as there will not be available sufficient quantities of prostaglandin-analoga the present method of choice is the abort-induction by means of the extra-amnial application of prostaglandin f2alpha. in 101 cases when extra-amnial pg f2alpha with an average induction time of four hours, the contamination rate was check ...1977331753
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