[the etiological, clinical and prognosis of diarrhea occurs during aids in to hospital in bamako].its was a descriptive survey achieved in the service of the infectious and tropical illnesses of the teaching hospital of the "point g" from 31 december 2002 to 30 june 2004 was about the analysis of 76 files. its goal was to determine the clinical, etiological and prognostic aspects, of the diarrhea during the aids. the oral-pharyngeal candidiasis (50%), the deshydratation (60,5%), the fever (67,5%) and the thinning (77,6%) were associated to the diarrhoea frequently. cholera syndrome was (52.6 ...200719617111
preliminary study of the fungal ecology at the haematology and medical-oncology ward in bamako, on fungal epidemiology in sub-saharan african countries are scarce. this exploratory study aimed to characterize the fungal flora at the onco-haematology ward of the national teaching hospital of point g in bamako, mali. a cross-sectional survey was conducted in the dry and in the rainy seasons. nasal swab and sputum samples were collected from the hospitalized patients while airborne fungal spores were collected using electrostatic dust-fall collectors. fungi were identified by their morph ...201424889723
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