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[fungal otitis in libreville. study of 83 cases].83 cases of mycotic otitis of external ear are reported during a period of 27 months from three departments of otorhinolaryngology in libreville (gabon, central africa) prevalence is estimated at about 25% among all infectious otitis. the main functional signs are pruritus, otorrhea, pain and hypoacousia. the physical examination shows masse of white, grey, black or creamy caseous debris, invading the external auditory meatus (eam) which is sometimes inflammatory. fungal species responsible of o ...19892743526
clinical algorithms for the screening of pregnant women for stds in libreville, gabon: which alternatives?sexually transmitted diseases (stds) remain one of the major public health problems in the developing world. to implement a systematic screening of stds among pregnant women in libreville, gabon, a preliminary cross sectional study on std prevalence and risk factors was performed in antenatal clinics. a score, integrating risk factors and elementary clinical signs for the screening of stds, showed higher performances compared with hierarchical algorithms. the prospective validation of this score ...19989634299
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