antimicrobial activity of guinea-bissau traditional remedies.the ethanolic extracts of twelve plants selected through ethnomedical survey in guinea-bissau were investigated for their in vitro antimicrobial properties over ten bacteria and candida albicans, using agar diffusion and dilution methods. all the tested extracts showed some activity against at least one of the bacteria. most of the extracts (79%) showed activity against staphylococcus aureus and only one (cryptolepis sanguinolenta) against escherichia coli. cryptolepis sanguinolenta and terminal ...19968778508
antimicrobial activity of terminalia macroptera root.terminalia macroptera guill et perr. (combretaceae) is a medicinal plant used in guinea-bissau and other west african countries to treat infectious diseases. the ethanol extract from t. macroptera decorticated root and their liquid-liquid partition fractions, were screened for antimicrobial activity, by the twofold serial microdilution assay against seven reference bacterial strains and against candida albicans. the extract and fractions showed some activity against at least one of the test micr ...19979292414
atypical presentation of entomophthoromycosis caused by conidiobolus coronatus.a male patient from guinea-bissau was admitted to egas moniz hospital, lisbon, complaining of fever and exhibiting a productive cough with mucopurulent discharge and weight loss. he had been using empirical medication with dexamethasone to treat his generalized facial swelling. at admission, he was cachectic and presented with soft facial edema, oropharyngeal thrush, and two fistulas of the palate. acid-fast bacilli were detected in the sputum and were later identified as mycobacterium tuberculo ...201020608778
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