[preliminary data on dermatomycoses in ouagadougou (burkina faso)].this study is a contribution to a best knowledge of mycosis in burkina faso where the data concerning these diseases are very old. it has been focused on the clinical and mycological features of the dermoskeloton mycosis through the consultations at the two offices of dermatology in the city of ouagadougou. from april to october, 1990, 216 patients have been taken census of, and they have shown 265 lesions among which 143 mycosis of the skinfolds (54 p. cent), 45 onychomycosis (17 p. cent), 29 p ...19921406214
human papillomaviruses prevalence and genital co-infections in hiv-seropositive women in ouagadougou (burkina faso).the vaginal swabs among hiv-positive women in africa often revealed opportunistic infections such as human papillomavirus (hpv) and mycoplasma that induce respectively cervix cancer and diseases such as vaginosis, abortions, infertility in through salpingitis. the purposes of this study were to: (1) seek for, the prevalence of pathogens such as hpv and mycoplasma; (2) characterize the strains of hpv and estimate their prevalence; (3) identify among these women, those who were co-infected by thes ...201021313918
hiv-infected women of burkina faso: a "reservoir" of mycoplasma infection.the objective of this work was to assess the prevalence of bacterial vaginosis (bv) and genital mycoplasma colonization in 251 hiv-positive compared to 200 hiv-negative women at the maternal and child health (mch) service of saint camille medical center  ouagadougou (burkina faso).201121444986
antimicrobial resistance of abnormal vaginal discharges microorganisms in ouagadougou, burkina assess the prevalence of bacterial strains and fungal strains infecting the vaginal tract and test their sensitivity to antibiotics in women attending saint camille medical centre in ouagadougou.201223569916
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