endocervical chlamydial infection in women attending a sexually transmitted disease clinic in singapore.two hundred women attending the sexually transmitted disease (std) clinic at middle road hospital were investigated. chlamydia trachomatis was isolated from 32% of women who were contacts of men with nongonococcal urethritis, 15% of contacts of gonococcal urethritis, 27% of contacts of unspecified std, and 13% of women without any history of std in their sex partners. overall, chlamydia trachomatis was isolated from 17% of 200 women, neisseria gonorrhoeae from 13% of 199 women, candida albicans ...19892609175
epidemiology and in vitro activity of antimycotics against candidal vaginal/skin/nail infections in singapore.candidal infections of the skin/nails and vagina are very common worldwide. various in vitro test systems are available to help to determine the antifungal activity of drugs. the minimum inhibitory concentration (mic) is a standard measure of the in vitro potency of drugs against yeasts.19989542677
a retrospective analysis of antifungal susceptibilities of candida bloodstream isolates from singapore hospitals.worldwide, candida albicans is the most common candida species implicated in bloodstream infections. however, the proportion of non-albicans bloodstream infections is increasing. fluconazole resistance is known to be more common in non-albicans species, but is also reported in c. albicans. this retrospective study was performed to determine the species epidemiology of candida bloodstream infections in singapore hospitals, and to perform susceptibility testing to a range of antifungal drugs.200819037517
the increased role of non-albicans species in candidaemia: results from a 3-year surveillance study.various studies have documented a shift in species distribution in candida bloodstream infections (bsi), but there are little data from southeast asia. this study was performed to determine the species epidemiology and antifungal susceptibilities of candida species bsi in singapore. candida spp. from bsi were collected from a tertiary and secondary referral hospital, and an obstetrics/paediatric hospital over a 3-year period. the most common isolates were candida albicans (36%), candida tropical ...201019619263
comparative analysis of genetic variability among candida albicans isolates from different geographic locales by three genotypic methods.the objective of the present study was to conduct a comparative genotypic analysis of candida albicans isolates from the united states, europe, and southeast asia to determine whether differences between isolates might be associated with geographic locations. the genotypes of 86 unrelated isolates of c. albicans (from the united states and europe) and 26 isolates from singapore were examined by three dna typing methods. computer-assisted methods were used to analyze the gel patterns for all isol ...19979163439
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