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angular cheilitis in a group of sri lankan adults: a clinical and microbiologic study.the relative importance of various factors in the pathogenesis of angular cheilitis in a population of sri lankan adults was studied. forty-nine patients with cheilitis were examined clinically and microbiologically. only 5 of 49 patients were full denture wearers. the clinical presentation of the lesions could be categorized as mild (type i), moderate (type ii) or severe (type iii) and the duration of the lesions ranged from 1 month to more than 4 yr. hematologic investigations revealed 18 pati ...19912061855
incidence, species distribution and antifungal sensitivity pattern of vaginal yeasts in sri lankan women.a total of 432 high vaginal swabs from patients with vulvovaginitis were processed for the presence of yeasts. candida species were isolated from 40 (32.4%). in comparison, vaginal swabs from 107 normal asymptomatic women yielded only eight (7.3%) isolates (p < 0.001). candida albicans was the commonest species isolated (76%). other species included c. tropicalis, c. krusei, c. kefyr, c. glabrata and c. guilliermondii. of the c. albicans isolates, 42.8% showed in vitro resistance to miconazole a ...19947746296
clinical findings in female genital schistosomiasis in assess the morbidity of s. haematobium infection in women of reproductive age (15-49 years) in the western part of madagascar, the village of betalatala with a prevalence of urinary schistosomiasis in women of 75.6% (95% confidence limit 69.3 to 81.9%) was compared with a neighbouring village with similar socio-economic characteristics and a prevalence of 5.0% (95% confidence limit 0 to 11.75%). the women were questioned in malagasy about obstetrical history and urogynecological symptoms. the ...19989623935
assessment of genetic relatedness of vaginal isolates of candida albicans from different geographical origins.pcr fingerprinting with single non-specific primers was used to type vaginal isolates of c. albicans from portugal, angola, madagascar, and two regions of germany (berlin and munich). in addition to analysing isolates that exhibited the normal biotype of c. albicans, the study included atypical strains that failed to assimilate glucosamine and n-acetylglucosamine, which were isolated from women in angola and madagascar. a total of 212 strains of c. albicans were studied, representing 87 differen ...200011043986
candida africana sp. nov., a new human pathogen or a variant of candida albicans?atypical candida strains were isolated from patients in madagascar, angola and germany. these isolates were slow growing and were unable to produce chlamydospores. they had atypical carbohydrate assimilation profiles. all strains were unable to assimilate the amino sugars n-acteylglucosamine and glucosamine as well as the disaccharide trehalose and the organic acid dl-lactate. they were germ-tube-positive in serum, but only some of these organisms produced pseudohyphae after a long incubation. a ...200111820255
isolation of four new cyclic depsipeptides, antanapeptins a-d, and dolastatin 16 from a madagascan collection of lyngbya majuscula.examination of a lyngbya majuscula collection from antany mora, madagascar, led to the isolation of dolastatin 16 (5), a promising antineoplastic metabolite first reported from the marine mollusc dolabella auricularia. in addition, a new series of depsipeptides, antanapeptins a-d (1-4), were discovered. their structures were deduced by 2d nmr and mass spectrometry and are analogous to the molluscan kulomo'opunalides and the recently reported cyanobacterial metabolites, georgamide and the yanucam ...200211809058
screening for anti-infective properties of several medicinal plants of the mauritians flora.several plants of the mauritian flora alleged to possess anti-infective properties were studied against different strains of pathogenic bacteria and fungi. the grounded dried plant materials were extracted with different extractants and screened for anti-microbial activity using the disk diffusion and the micro-dilution techniques. preliminary screening revealed that the methanol extracts were most active. salmonella enteritidis, enterobacter cloacae and bacillus subtilis were the three test org ...200717011733
epidemiological phenotypic characteristics of vaginal yeasts at the comoros.the aim of the prospective, descriptive survey conducted in moroni, comoros was to establish the distribution of vulvovaginal mycoses in pregnant and symptomatic women and to study the epidemiological characteristics of the yeast isolates. all isolated strains were epidemiologically evaluated by phenotypical methods. three phenotypic epidemiological studies were performed by morphotyping methods (including the colour reaction according to quindòs et al. and structural morphotypes as described by ...200918983428
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