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[electrophoretic heterogeneity of a population of rotaviruses isolated in leningrad in the fall-winter season of 1986-1987]. 19902167567
[the rna electrophoretypes of the rotaviruses circulating in moscow and leningrad in the winter of 1987-1988].analysis of electrophoretypes of rna of rotavirus which had circulated in moscow and leningrad in the winter of 1987-1988, detected by enzyme immunoassay (eia), was carried out. rna electrophoresis was performed in 10% polyacrylamide gel (pag) followed by silver staining, most of the strains isolated in moscow and leningrad had a long phoretype (67% and 77%, respectively. the greatest variations in pag mobility were found in segments 2, 3, and 7-9, segments 1, 4, 10, and 11 showed most unchangea ...19902171230
[data on the study of the epidemiology of rotavirus infection in leningrad].the results obtained in the study of rotavirus infection in leningrad in 1984-1987 are presented. enzyme immunoassay techniques were used for the examination of 4,715 children aged 0-14 years and 1,162 adults with diagnosed acute enteral infection of unknown etiology, as well as the control group of 556 of healthy children aged 0-6 years and 77 healthy adults. the rotavirus antigen was detected in 1.210 sick children (25.7%) and 133 sick adults (11.4%), as well as in 6 healthy children (1.1%), b ...19882851247
[molecular epidemiology of rotaviruses circulating among residents of st. petersburg from 1986 through 1991].the results of screening of 510 patients with acute gastrointestinal diseases over the period of 1986 to 1991 are presented. rotaviruses were shown to be the infection agents in 112 (60%) children and 76 (40%) adults. the phoretyping of the isolated strains revealed cocirculation of 17 different phoretypes of rotaviruses: 8 "long" and 9 "short" ones. at the same time, two predominant phoretypes were found to alternately circulate in various epidemic seasons. the "long" phoretypes were found to b ...19957676676
[indicators of humoral immunity in rotavirus infection among various age groups of st. petersburg residents from cft data]. 19957676677
[season and age related structure of acute intestinal infections morbidity in the russian federation].to study seasonal and age features of etiological structure of acute intestinal infections (aii) in the territory of the rf.200718219965
[important issues of biological safety].the problem of biological security raises alarm due to the real growth of biological threats. biological security includes a wide scope of problems, the solution of which becomes a part of national security as a necessary condition for the constant development of the country. a number of pathogens, such as human immunodeficiency virus, exotic ebola and lassa viruses causing hemorrhagic fever,rotaviruses causing acute intestinal diseases, etc. were first discovered in the last century. terrorist ...200718225506
hospital-based surveillance of rotavirus and other viral agents of diarrhea in children and adults in russia, 2005-2007.during a 2-year period in 2005-2007, we conducted surveillance of group a rotaviruses and other enteric agents among patients hospitalized with acute gastroenteritis in 8 different cities of the russian federation. fecal specimens were gathered from 3208 children (including 2848 children aged <5 years) and 1354 adults who were admitted to hospitals in moscow, st. petersburg, chelyabinsk, nizhnii novgorod, tyumen, khabarovsk, makhachkala, and yakutsk. polymerase chain reaction was performed to de ...200919817602
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