diarrheal illness among infants and toddlers in day care centers. i. epidemiology and pathogens.we conducted a 2-year prospective study of diarrheal illness in children ages 0 to 36 months in 22 day care centers in maricopa county, arizona. in 7464 child-months of observation, 465 sporadic cases and 170 outbreak-associated cases of diarrhea were identified. enteric pathogens were identified in 20% of diarrhea episodes. giardia lamblia, rotavirus, and campylobacter jejuni were the most common pathogens. giardia was significantly more common in toddlers than in infants and was found in 19% o ...19852995628
campylobacter enteritis on hopi and navajo indian reservations. clinical and epidemiologic features.from june 22 through september 30, 1981, stool specimens from 522 hopi and navajo outpatients were cultured because of diarrheal illnesses at the keams canyon indian health service hospital, arizona. campylobacter jejuni was isolated from the specimens of 26 (5%) of the patients. this pathogen was found as frequently as shigella in patients younger than 2 years or older than 20 years, but was significantly less common in the 2 to 20-year age group (p<.000001). campylobacter enteritis was indisti ...19846475040
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