serologic study of two clusters of infection due to campylobacter jejuni.the serologic responses to campylobacter jejuni in persons involved in two clusters of infection and in control subjects were studied. in the first cluster, in which previously unexposed persons drank raw milk, the attack rate was high and elevated complement-fixing (cf) and specific igg and igm antibodies were demonstrated. in the second cluster, involving farmers who chronically drank raw milk, the attack rate was low, but titers of cf and igg antibodies were high in both affected and unaffect ...19836842019
a point-source outbreak of campylobacteriosis associated with consumption of raw milk.after a one-day field trip to a minnesota farm, 22 (45%) of 49 third-grade students and three (14%) of 21 adult chaperones developed campylobacteriosis. campylobacter jejuni was isolated from specimens of 13 children and one asymptomatic adult. illness was associated with the consumption of raw milk during a picnic lunch (odds ratio = 41.0, p less than .0001) and participation in hand milking of cows (odds ratio = 37.5, less than .0001). two additional findings implicated consumption of raw milk ...19854031557
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