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[acute diarrhoea due to campylobacter jejuni in children (author's transl)].a systematic search for campylobacter jejuni in stool cultures from children with acute diarrhoea showed within two months that the organism was present in 3 out of 17 children. apart from diarrhoea, the symptoms were different in each case: one child had febrile dysentery, another exhibited symptoms resembling appendicitis and the third one had chronic diarrhoea with denutrition. the condition regressed spontaneously in two cases and after erythromycin treatment in one. phase-contrast microscop ...19817220285
[an outbreak of campylobacter fetus subspecies jejuni enteritis in newborn infants in a maternity hospital]. 19846742699
campylobacter bacteremia: clinical features and factors associated with fatal outcome.campylobacter bacteremia is uncommon. the influence of underlying conditions and of the impact of antibiotics on infection outcome are not known.200818699745
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