bovine venereal campylobacteriosis (vibriosis) in north east scotland.since january 1978 four outbreaks of bovine venereal campylobacteriosis, associated with campylobacter fetus subspp fetus, have been investigated. the herds demonstrated a variety of presenting signs, and the outbreaks were confirmed by vaginal mucus agglutination tests and isolation of c fetus subspp fetus. a greater recovery of c fetus was achieved by reducing the oxygen tension in the atmosphere used for incubation to a greater extent than usual. bradford's brucella agar was found to be a sui ...1979583185
campylobacter fetus (vibrio fetus) infection in dairy herds in south-west scotland.infertility and abortion caused by campylobacter fetus is described in a series of 12 herds in south west scotland during the period may 1974 to december 1976. herd studies show that 44 bulls were involved and that there were 34 bull and 18 cow movements for breeding purposes. the need to include c fetus infection in the differential diagnosis of herd infertility is emphasised.1977595301
infertility in cattle in south-west scotland caused by an 'intermediate' strain of campylobacter fetus subspecies fetus (formerly campylobacter fetus intestinalis). 19883345413
campylobacters in wading birds (charadrii): incidence, biotypes and isolation techniques.311 birds from four species of the charadrii group were examined for the carriage of campylobacter spp. cloacal swabs or "washouts" were taken from birds captured by cannon netting and cultured using enrichment in preston broth followed by plating onto preston agar. incubation of enrichment cultures for 48 h and of solid media for a minimum of 48 h is recommended for culture of avian faecal material. of the birds examined, 222 were found to be carrying campylobacter spp., 145 strains of which be ...19846524143
health status of bulls used for natural breeding on farms in south west hundred and nine breeding bulls were examined during the period november 1992 to june 1993 on farms in south west scotland for evidence of infectious diseases associated with breeding. preputial washings were collected to screen for campylobacter fetus venerialis, together with serial blood samples to assess their seroprevalence to bovine virus diarrhoea virus (bvdv), bovine herpes virus-1 (bhv-1), leptospira hardjo and bovine herpes virus-4 (bhv-4). the possible impact of natural mating on ...199910416365
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