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a longitudinal study of the prevalence of bacterial enteric pathogens among adults with diarrhea in bangkok, thailand.six hundred sixty adults with diarrhea treated at bamrasnaradura hospital, bangkok, thailand were investigated to determine the prevalence, seasonality, and severity of diarrhea associated with bacterial enteric pathogens in 1980 and 1981. shigella were isolated from 27% and vibrio parahaemolyticus from 19% of the patients studied. enterotoxigenic escherichia coli (5%), salmonella (3%), non-01 vibrio cholerae (3%), campylobacter jejuni (1%), and group f vibrio (less than 1%) were isolated from a ...19836370564
[antibiotic resistance and distribution of plasmid-encoded beta- lactamases among agents of traveller's diarrhea].the polymicrobial aetiology of travellers's diarrhoea in 356 tourists travelling in thailand and burma was investigated. besides enterotoxigenic e. coli, salmonella sp. and campylobacter fetus ssp. jejuni were identified as the most important enteric pathogens. minimal inhibitory concentrations of several commonly used antibiotics were determined to reveal the percentage of enteric pathogens being resistant. 36.2% e. coli strains were found to be resistant to ampicillin and 14.3% of the campylob ...19862943094
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