[parasites of mouflons, stags and roe-deer from the lower silesia region].the study concerning internal and external parasites in deer was conducted in selected lower silesia forest inspections from may 1988 till june 1992. coproscopic method and section were applied. only in roe-deer the highly extensive invasion of gastrointestinal nematodes was observed (from 50% to 81%, depending on inspections). most frequent were the ostertagia (60%) and nematodirus (30%) types. another problem, mainly in mouflons, were lung nematodes of protostrongylidae family, of which the mu ...19947801642
epizootic situation of mouflon ovis aries musimon in lower silesia on the basis of coproscopic examinations.coproscopic examinations of mouflons ovis aries musimon from four forest districts of lower silesia performed in spring and autumn from 2012 to 2014 demonstrated the presence of pulmonary nematodes and intestinal parasites, including coccidia of the genus eimeria. prevalence of pulmonary nematodes (mainly muellerius capillaris) amounted to 69.78%, intestinal nematodes--56.11% and coccidia of the genus eimeria--44.6%. the number of oocysts, eggs of intestinal helminths and larvae of pulmonary nem ...201425706422
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