the effects of brucella abortus on serology, bacteriology, and production in three texas cattle herds. 1978109847
brucella abortus in coyotes. i. a serologic and bacteriologic survey in eastern texas.prevalence of brucella abortus serum antibodies in coyotes from east central texas was determined by the buffered brucella antigen (card test), rivanol, standard agglutination tube, and cold complement fixation tube tests. eighteen percent (9 of 51) of the coyotes were positive serologically. b. abortus biotype 1 was isolated from various tissues from 7 of 43 coyotes by bacteriologic culture. congenital transmission was found.1979116012
brucellosis in childhood.brucellosis has always been an unusual disease in children and, concomitant with the control of the disease in domestic animals, reports have become sparse. the pediatrician, therefore, may not be aware of the protean clinical manifestations of childhood brucellosis. in 1973, nine cases occurred during a three-month period in el paso, texas. all cases were marked by spiking fevers and lethargy of four days to four weeks in duration. tender hepatomegaly or splenomegaly was striking in seven patie ...1975806883
small mammals and white-tailed deer as possible reservoir hosts of brucella abortus in texas.four hundred sixty-eight wild mammals were collected from four ranches in texas where brucella-infected cattle herds are maintained, and examined as possible reservoir hosts for brucella abortus. seventy-one serums from five species were tested for brucella antibodies. liver and spleen from 453 mammals (14 species) were cultured for b. abortus. results of the serologic and bacteriologic examination of rodents, opossums (didelphis virginiana), raccoons (procyon lotor) and white-tailed deer (odoco ...19806768900
brucellosis in adult beef cattle of mexican origin shipped direct-to-slaughter into compare prevalence estimates of brucellosis (br) in adult beef cattle that originated from different states and regions of mexico and that were shipped direct-to-slaughter into texas during 1995.19989524645
brucellosis in san diego: epidemiology and species-related differences in acute clinical presentations.although aggressive public health measures have greatly reduced the number of brucellosis cases in the united states, there is a resurgence of interest in this worldwide zoonosis because of its potential as a bioweapon and its 8-fold higher incidence in california, texas, and the other borderlands between the united states and mexico compared with the national rate. accordingly, we reviewed the clinical records of 28 patients diagnosed at a university hospital in san diego, ca, between 1979 and ...200515879907
molecular epidemiology of brucella abortus isolates from cattle, elk, and bison in the united states, 1998 to 2011.a variable-number tandem repeat (vntr) protocol targeting 10 loci in the brucella abortus genome was used to assess genetic diversity among 366 field isolates recovered from cattle, bison, and elk in the greater yellowstone area (gya) and texas during 1998 to 2011. minimum spanning tree (mst) and unweighted-pair group method with arithmetic mean (upgma) analyses of vntr data identified 237 different vntr types, among which 14 prominent clusters of isolates could be identified. cattle isolates fr ...201222427502
use of serology and bacterial culture to determine prevalence of brucella spp. in feral swine (sus scrofa) in proximity to a beef cattle herd positive for brucella suis and brucella abortus.using serology and bacterial culture, we determined the prevalence of brucella spp. and the antibody to brucella spp. in a feral swine (sus scrofa) population in proximity to a cattle herd that was culture positive for brucella abortus and brucella suis in north-central texas, usa. during a prospective cross-sectional quantitative study in april 2005, we collected blood and tissue samples from 40 feral swine within a 30-km radius of the infected herd. serum samples were tested by the rose bengal ...201323568896
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