a serologic survey of pronghorns in alberta and saskatchewan, determine the exposure of free-ranging pronghorns (antilocapra americana ord) to selected pathogens, serum samples were obtained from 33 live-trapped animals from southwestern saskatchewan in 1970, and from 26 and 51 animals from southeastern alberta, in 1971 and 1972, respectively. antibodies were found to the agents of parainfluenza 3, bovine virus diarrhea, eastern and western encephalomyelitis, infectious bovine rhinotracheitis and the chlamydial group. no serologic reactors were found to ...1975167203
antibodies to bovine bacterial and viral pathogens in pronghorns in alberta, 1983.sera from 210 pronghorns (antilocapra americana) ranging in southeastern alberta were tested for antibodies to disease agents present in indigenous cattle. no antibodies to brucella abortus, leptospira interrogans serovars pomona, hardjo, or grippotyphosa, or infectious bovine rhinotracheitis virus were found. antibodies at prevalences of 43.8% and 49.2% were detected to bovine virus diarrhea (bvd) and parainfluenza type 3 (pi-3) viruses, respectively. the much higher prevalence of bvd virus ant ...19862845155
brucellosis in free-ranging bison (bison bison) in yellowstone, grand teton, and wood buffalo national parks: a review. 19958592398
the hook lake wood bison recovery project: can a disease-free captive wood bison herd be recovered from a wild population infected with bovine tuberculosis and brucellosis?the hook lake wood bison recovery project (hlwbrp) is a wildlife conservation project aimed at recovering a captive, disease-free herd of wood bison (bison bison athabascae) from a wild herd infected with bovine tuberculosis (mycobacterium bovis) and brucellosis (brucella abortus). the disease eradication protocol that we have used involves a combination of techniques, including (1) orphaning of newborn wild-caught calves to minimize exposure to b. abortus and m. bovis, (2) testing calves for ma ...200212381597
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