the hygiene and marketing of fresh cream as assessed by the methylene blue test. a report by a working party to the director of the public health laboratory service.the hygiene and marketing of fresh cream in england and wales was investigated by a working party of the public health laboratory service (phls) between 1 october 1968 and 31 july 1969. thirty-one cream-producing dairies were visited and observations made in the light of the code of practice published by the milk and milk products technical advisory committee of the ministry of agriculture, fisheries and food, and the scottish home and health department. suggestions are made in this report to st ...19714326247
milkborne brucella abortus infection. 19846140415
brucellosis: imported and laboratory-acquired cases, and an overview of treatment trials.following the successful eradication of brucella abortus infection in cattle, human brucellosis in england and wales has become an uncommon imported disease. culture of the organism presents a major laboratory hazard, and difficulties in identification may occur using a biochemical test-strip method. an overview of recent treatment trials of brucellosis indicates that regimens combining streptomycin and doxycycline are associated with a higher success rate (judged by the frequency of treatment f ...19938337710
brucella abortus in milk in england and wales in 1959. 196114447426
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