[analyse on the epidemiological characteristics of brucellosis and in inner mongolia through the observation of the change among brucella species].this article analysed the epidemiological characteristics of brucellosis in inner mongolia. data had been collected for the last fourty years since 1,937 on the changes of brucella species in their distribution, variation, toxicity, types, etc. the authors pointed out that changes of brucella species played a decisive role in changing the epidemiological patterns, while intentionally active or passive intervention importantly contributed to the change of brucella species. it was emphasized that ...199810322683
mlva genotyping of brucella melitensis and brucella abortus isolates from different animal species and humans and identification of brucella suis vaccine strain s2 from cattle in china, brucellosis is an endemic disease and the main sources of brucellosis in animals and humans are infected sheep, cattle and swine. brucella melitensis (biovars 1 and 3) is the predominant species, associated with sporadic cases and outbreak in humans. isolates of b. abortus, primarily biovars 1 and 3, and b. suis biovars 1 and 3 are also associated with sporadic human brucellosis. in this study, the genetic profiles of b. melitensis and b. abortus isolates from humans and animals were a ...201324124546
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