serosurvey of some major zoonotic infections in children and teenagers in bali, hundred and ninety serum samples, mainly from children and teenagers, from northeast bali were tested for the presence of antibodies against five zoonotic agents: brucella abortus, coxiella burnetii, toxoplasma gondii, toxocara canis and trichinella spiralis. all children were negative for brucellosis and q fever. a high prevalence rate was found for toxocariasis (63.2%) and trichinosis (19.5%). antibody prevalence against t. gondii was found to be rather low (3.1%). to our knowledge, this i ...19938266236
brucellosis seroprevalence in bali cattle with reproductive failure in south sulawesi and brucella abortus biovar 1 genotypes in the eastern indonesian archipelago.brucellosis is a major cause of infertility and reproductive failure in livestock. while cattle in the eastern indonesian archipelago suffers from reproductive problems information on bovine brucellosis in the region is fragmentary. the control of brucellosis requires a major and prolonged effort and confirmation of the infection by isolation with detailed knowledge of the spread of the infection is essential when planning a control program.201324279343
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