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factors related to campylobacter spp. carriage in client-owned dogs visiting veterinary clinics in a region of ontario, canada.summaryfrom july 2008 until may 2009, 240 client-owned pet dogs from seven veterinary clinics in the region of waterloo, ontario, canada participated in a study to determine pet-related management factors that may be associated with the presence of campylobacter spp. in dogs. the prevalence of campylobacter spp. carriage in our study population of pet dogs was 22%, with 19% of the dogs positive for c. upsaliensis, and 3% positive for c. jejuni. a significant risk factor from multivariable logist ...201121208515
a cross-sectional study examining campylobacter and other zoonotic enteric pathogens in dogs that frequent dog parks in three cities in south-western ontario and risk factors for shedding of campylobacter estimated 6 million pet dogs live in canadian households with the potential to transmit zoonotic pathogens to humans. dogs have been identified as carriers of salmonella, giardia and campylobacter spp., particularly campylobacter upsaliensis, but little is known about the prevalence and risk factors for these pathogens in pet dogs that visit dog parks. this study examined the prevalence of these organisms in the faeces of dogs visiting dog parks in three cities in south-western ontario, as we ...201423802765
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