freshwater wound infection due to aeromonas hydrophila. 1977577949
a comparison of ten usepa approved total coliform/e. coli tests.since 2002, the united states environmental protection agency (usepa) has approved ten enzyme-based total coliform and e. coli detection tests for examination of drinking water. these tests include: colilert, colilert-18, colisure, m-coli blue 24, readycult coliforms 100, chromocult, coliscan, e * colite, colitag and mi agar. the utility of the enzyme based test systems is based on both the ability of the test to detect the target organisms at low levels and the ability of the test system to sup ...200717674575
identification of human enteric pathogens in gull feces at southwestern lake michigan bathing beaches.ring-billed (larus delawarensis ord, 1815) and herring (larus argentatus pontoppidan, 1763) gulls are predominant species of shorebirds in coastal areas. gulls contribute to the fecal indicator burden in beach sands, which, once transported to bathing waters, may result in water quality failures. the importance of these contamination sources must not be overlooked when considering the impact of poor bathing water quality on human health. this study examined the occurrence of human enteric pathog ...200819096455
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