multiple abortions associated with caprine herpesvirus infection in a goat herd.herpesvirus infection of pregnant goats may result in abortion of fetuses without other signs of infection in does. fetuses aborted as a result of caprine herpesvirus infection have tissue necrosis and intranuclear inclusion bodies in multiple organs.19979215419
prevalence of toxoplasma gondii antibodies in nine populations of dairy goats: compared titers using modified direct agglutination and indirect a convenience survey of dairy goats on 9 farms in tennessee, kentucky, and georgia, 54 of 99 females were positive for antibodies to toxoplasma gondii as measured by the indirect hemagglutination test (iha). two of 9 males were also positive. positive goats were found on all farms. the percentage of positive does increased from 55% to 65% when the sera were titered a second time by modified direct agglutination (mdat). this difference was not statistically significant, indicating that both ih ...19902299530
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