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the assessment of human exposure to radionuclides from a uranium mill tailings release and mine dewatering effluent.this study provides an assessment of human exposure to radiation from a river system contaminated by radionuclides of the 238u decay series released through a dam break at a uranium mill tailings pond and by the continuous discharge of dewatering effluent from 2 uranium mines. the in vivo analyses of radionuclides in 6 navajo indians who lived near the river indicate no detectable elevations above background concentrations. dose estimates for inhalation of suspended river sediment indicate a max ...19846469647
comparative molecular characterization of corynebacterium pseudotuberculosis of different origin.ribotyping and susceptibility to 17 antimicrobial agents were used to compare 37 isolates of corynebacterium pseudotuberculosis (28 from horses, 1 from cattle, 3 from sheep and 5 from goats) derived from various types of lesions, and different geographic locations. according to the presence of nitrate reductase, all but one isolate from horses reduced nitrate (nitrate-positive), whereas all isolates from sheep and goats were unable to reduce nitrate (nitrate-negative). the ribotype of the nitrat ...19989695286
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