augmentation of peritoneal dialysis efficiency with programmed hyper/hypoosmotic dialysates. 1977910336
rabies surveillance in the united states during 2003.during 2003, 49 states and puerto rico reported 7,170 cases of rabies in nonhuman animals and 3 cases in human beings to the cdc. this represents a 10% decrease from the 7,967 cases in nonhuman animals and 3 cases in human beings reported in 2002. more than 91 (n = 6,556) were in wild animals, and 8.6% (614) were in domestic species (compared with 92.5% in wild animals and 74% in domestic species in 2002). the relative contributions of the major groups of animals were as follows: 2,635 raccoons ...200415643834
an investigation of blood selenium concentrations of goats in new york state.the goal of the current study was to determine the range of blood selenium concentrations in goats in new york state that were fed adequately supplemented diets. blood samples from mature, juvenile, and neonatal goats from commercial farms, 2 dairy and 2 meat producers, were analyzed via graphite-furnace atomic absorption spectroscopy. feed samples were analyzed by using inductively coupled argon plasma optical emission spectroscopy to confirm that dietary selenium concentrations were adequate. ...201020807923
radical mastectomy in 20 describe a surgical technique for radical mastectomy in ruminants and to report experience and outcome in 20 animals.200415104633
localized accumulation of lead within and among bones from lead-dosed goats.the principal aim of this study was to gain a better understanding of where lead (pb) accumulates and how it is distributed, within the bones of dosed goats. adult goats were periodically dosed with pb over a number of years for the primary purpose of producing blood pools containing endogenously bound pb, for the new york state blood lead proficiency testing program. bone samples (e.g., primarily tibia, femur, humerus, and radius) were collected post-mortem from 11 animals and were analyzed for ...201019897186
prevalence and predictors of respiratory symptoms among new york farmers and farm from telephone interviews with new york farmers and farm residents were used to study the prevalence and risk factors of symptoms that could be related to asthma and allergies.200415202124
orf virus infection in humans--new york, illinois, california, and tennessee, 2004-2005.orf virus is a zoonotic parapoxvirus endemic to most countries in the world and is principally associated with small ruminants (e.g., sheep and goats). human orf infections appear as ulcerative skin lesions after contact with an infected animal or contaminated fomite. this report summarizes the epidemiologic and laboratory investigations of four sporadic cases of human orf infection, emphasizing the temporal association between human lesions and skin trauma or recent flock vaccination with live ...200616437055
molecular epidemiologic features and antimicrobial susceptibility profiles of various ribotypes of pseudomonas aeruginosa isolated from humans and assess automated ribotyping for characterization of pseudomonas aeruginosa isolates and to identify their type prevalence and geographic distribution.200111400842
phenotypic and phylogenetic characterization of ruminal tannin-tolerant bacteria.the 16s rrna sequences and selected phenotypic characteristics were determined for six recently isolated bacteria that can tolerate high levels of hydrolyzable and condensed tannins. bacteria were isolated from the ruminal contents of animals in different geographic locations, including sardinian sheep (ovis aries), honduran and colombian goats (capra hircus), white-tail deer (odocoileus virginianus) from upstate new york, and rocky mountain elk (cervus elaphus nelsoni) from oregon. nearly compl ...19989758806
caprine obstructive urolithiasis: requirement for 2nd surgical intervention and mortality after percutaneous tube cystostomy, surgical tube cystostomy, or urinary bladder determine the requirement for 2nd surgical interventions and mortality after 3 different surgical techniques (percutaneous tube cystostomy [10 goats], surgical tube cystostomy [25 goats], urinary bladder marsupialization [10 goats]) for caprine obstructive urolithiasis, and to determine whether pre- or 24-hour postoperative physical examination findings or serum chemistry results could be used as predictors of mortality.200415659023
animal behavior as a subject for veterinary students.knowledge of animal behavior is an important asset for the veterinarian; therefore a course in veterinary animal behavior is offered at the new york state college of veterinary medicine as an elective. the course emphasizes the behavior of those species of most interest to the practicing veterinarian: cats, dogs, horses, cows, pigs and sheep. dominance heirarchies, animal communication, aggressive behavior, sexual behavior and maternal behavior are discussed. play, learning, diurnal cycles of ac ...1976767053
status and prospects of the dairy goat industry in the united states.among the major classes of u.s. livestock, dairy goats have yet to achieve usda statistical reporting of their numbers, amounts of milk produced and processed, and cheese and other products marketed. however, the usda has published buck proofs of approximately 16,000 does annually from dairy herd improvement association (dhia) records of the alpine, lamancha, nubian, oberhasli, saanen and toggenburg breeds, thereby encouraging genetic progress. this represents a 1% participation in dhia of the e ...19968726751
monitoring human exposure to lead: an assessment of current laboratory performance for the determination of blood lead.the performance of a small group (9-13) of experienced reference laboratories performing the determination of lead in blood is assessed by means of repeated analyses of lyophilized animal blood. both interlaboratory precision and intralaboratory precision are reported for the reference laboratory group. results indicate that at the new blood lead action level of 10 micrograms/100 ml, this group can achieve results that are accurate to within +/- 2 micrograms/100 ml. the capability of routine cli ...19921568437
characterization of a new york ovine lentivirus isolate.a lentivirus has been isolated from a finnish ewe with ovine progressive pneumonia in a closed upstate new york flock. we demonstrated that the virus, designated ovine lentivirus strain cu1 (olv-cu1), is biologically, biochemically and molecularly related to, but distinct from, previously described sheep and goat lentiviruses. nine of 32 ewes (from the affected flock) with precipitating antibodies for ovine lentivirus also produced antibodies that were able to neutralize the infectivity of olv-c ...19938381461
diagnosis and epidemiological association of listeria monocytogenes strains in two outbreaks of listerial encephalitis in small ruminants.two outbreaks of epizootic listerial encephalitis, one in sheep and one in goats, were investigated through pathology, microbiology, and dna amplification-based techniques. efforts were made to survey the diversity of listeria monocytogenes strains in the silage consumed by affected animals and to verify the causal relationship between silage and disease outbreak. in both outbreaks, l. monocytogenes was isolated from silage and brain tissue samples. random amplified polymorphic dna patterns reve ...19948027356
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