variation amongst the neutralizing epitopes of bluetongue viruses isolated in the united states in 1979-1981.neutralizing epitopes present on field isolates of bluetongue virus (btv) serotypes 10, 11, 13 and 17 were evaluated with a panel of polyclonal and neutralizing monoclonal antibodies (mabs). a total of 91 field isolates were evaluated, including 15 isolates of btv-10, 29 isolates of btv-11, 26 isolates of btv-13, and 21 isolates of btv-17. the viruses were isolated from cattle, goats, sheep, elk and deer in idaho, louisiana, nebraska and, predominantly, california, in the years 1979, 1980 and 19 ...19921379766
haptoglobin phenotyping from older bloodstains by enzyme immunoassay and haptoglobin phenotypes within a nebraska caucasian population.enzyme immunoassay and western blotting (electrophoretic) techniques were used to determine haptoglobin (hp) phenotypes from older bloodstains. serum was collected from liquid blood and the hp phenotypes were determined. bloodstains were prepared from these specimens and stored at various temperatures for several months. the stains were extracted and applied to gradient polyacrylamide gels. the western blotting technique was used to achieve the transfer of hp bands from the gels to the nitrocell ...19912066732
the utah thyroid cohort study: analysis of the dosimetry results.above ground testing of nuclear weapons at the nevada test site (nts) during the 1950s created radioactive fallout that was dispersed into the atmosphere and deposited over a large geographical area of the u.s. one area believed to have received a considerable amount of exposure to radioiodines (131i and 133i) in the fallout was southwest utah and southeast nevada. this paper describes the estimates of doses to the thyroid for a cohort of 3,545 subjects who were children during the atmospheric t ...19957883559
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