zinc deficiency in sheep and goats: three field cases.zinc deficiency was diagnosed in 2 flocks of sheep and a herd of goats. alopecia and eating of wool were observed. skin lesions were hyperkeratosis and parakeratosis. abnormal hoof growth and a closed stance with arched back and bowed hindlimbs were seen. anorexia, depression, and foot soreness diminished quickly after zinc supplementation. skin lesions healed and hair and wool growth resumed. a cause for the deficiency could not be established.19846735871
accidental ammonia exposure to county fair show livestock due to contaminated drinking water.nitrogen based fertilizers represent an important element in the farm economy, but their storage and use are associated with major risks to livestock and humans. an accidental ammonia exposure occurred at a midwest county fair in illinois. six deaths occurred in show livestock; a holstein cow, 3 holstein heifers, a goat, and a lamb. mortality was associated with consumption of water inadvertently contaminated with a liquid fertilizer containing ammonium nitrate and urea commonly used for irrigat ...200212361112
orf virus infection in humans--new york, illinois, california, and tennessee, 2004-2005.orf virus is a zoonotic parapoxvirus endemic to most countries in the world and is principally associated with small ruminants (e.g., sheep and goats). human orf infections appear as ulcerative skin lesions after contact with an infected animal or contaminated fomite. this report summarizes the epidemiologic and laboratory investigations of four sporadic cases of human orf infection, emphasizing the temporal association between human lesions and skin trauma or recent flock vaccination with live ...200616437055
eimeria caprovina sp. n. from the domestic goat, capra hircus, from the usa.oocysts of eimeria caprovina sp. n. from the domestic goat, capra hircus, are ellipsoidal, subspherical or slightly ovoid, usually flattened at the micropylar end. they measure 29.7 (26-36) x 23.7 (23-28) micron. the sporocysts are elongate ovoids, measuring 14.3 (13.7) x 8.3 (8-9) micron, with stieda bodies at the narrow ends. the oocyst wall is 1.6 micron thick, smooth, dark-brown to brownish-yellow, and 2-layered. a micropyle, 6.2 (4-10) micron in diameter, polar granule, and sporocyst residu ...19807400993
application of phylogeny reconstruction and character-evolution analysis to inferring patterns of directional microbial transmission.i used phylogenetic analyses to reconstruct patterns of directional interspecific transmission during a pseudorabies virus outbreak in illinois, usa, in 1989. isolates were recovered from five species: cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, and raccoons (procyon lotor). i generated dna sequences for 16 isolates of pseudorabies virus at the glycoprotein c gene, from which i constructed phylogenetic trees. i then used these trees, in combination with parsimony-based analyses of character evolution, to infer ...200314516717
rabies in illinois farm animals. 19705463042
animal poison control center: summary of telephone inquiries during first three years of service. 19836833090
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