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nematodirus maculosus sp. n. (nematoda: trichostrongylidae) from the mountain goat, oreamnos americanus, in north america. 19655848824
sarcocystis in wild ungulates in alberta.muscle samples from 557 wild ungulates in alberta, comprising seven species, were examined grossly and/or histologically for cysts of sarcocystis. sarcocystis was found in 100, 96, 94, 75, 75, 73, and 49% of the wapiti (cervus canadensis), moose (alces alces), bison (bison bison), mule deer (odocoileus hemionus), bighorn sheep (ovis canadensis), mountain goat (oreamnos americanus), and white-tailed deer (o. virginianus), respectively.19806780701
geographic distribution of the muscle-dwelling nematode parelaphostrongylus odocoilei in north america, using molecular identification of first-stage larvae.molecular identification of dorsal-spined larvae (dsl) from fecal samples indicates that the protostrongylid parasite parelaphostrongylus odocoilei occupies a broader geographic range in western north america than has been previously reported. we analyzed 2,124 fecal samples at 29 locations from thinhorn sheep (ovis dalli dalli and o. d. stonei), bighorn sheep (ovis canadensis canadensis and o. c. californiana), mountain goats (oreamnos americanus), woodland caribou (rangifer tarandus caribou), ...200516108550
multilocus heterozygosity, parental relatedness and individual fitness components in a wild mountain goat, oreamnos americanus population.matings between relatives lead to a decrease in offspring genetic diversity which can reduce fitness, a phenomenon known as inbreeding depression. because alpine ungulates generally live in small structured populations and often exhibit a polygynous mating system, they are susceptible to inbreeding. here, we used marker-based measures of pairwise genetic relatedness and inbreeding to investigate the fitness consequences of matings between relatives in a long-term study population of mountain goa ...200919389162
foraging decisions in a capital breeder: trade-offs between mass gain and lactation.the high energetic costs of lactation can lead to fundamental trade-offs in life-history traits, particularly in young females that reproduce before completing body growth. we assessed whether lactating female mountain goats (oreamnos americanus) used behavioural tactics at fine spatio-temporal scales to increase energy intake to compensate for the costs of lactation. lactating females increased bite rate and chewing rate compared with non-lactating females, but selected similar foraging sites i ...200919488787
does reduced heterozygosity influence dispersal? a test using spatially structured populations in an alpine ungulate.despite having a profound effect on population dynamics, the reasons that animals disperse are poorly understood. evolutionary explanations have focused on inbreeding and competition, where the potential cost of philopatry is negated through dispersal. such scenarios lead to the prediction that less successful individuals preferentially disperse, termed 'fitness-associated dispersal'. since heterozygosity is associated with fitness, we assessed whether dispersed animals had less observed heteroz ...201121270020
temporal dynamics of genetic variability in a mountain goat (oreamnos americanus) population.the association between population dynamics and genetic variability is of fundamental importance for both evolutionary and conservation biology. we combined long-term population monitoring and molecular genetic data from 123 offspring and their parents at 28 microsatellite loci to investigate changes in genetic diversity over 14 cohorts in a small and relatively isolated population of mountain goats (oreamnos americanus) during a period of demographic increase. offspring heterozygosity decreased ...201121366746
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