isolation of histophilus somni from the nasal exudates of a clinically healthy adult goat.the nasal exudate from 42 goats of the mixteca region in the state of puebla, mexico, was evaluated. a strain was isolated after 4 days of incubation. this strain was identified according to its phenotypic characteristics and by means of a species-specific polymerase chain reaction (pcr), as well as by sequencing of the amplified product.201121327861
analysis of size and conformation of native creole goat breeds and crossbreds used in smallholder agrosilvopastoral systems in puebla, mexico.liveweight (lw) of does and bucks of the native creole goat breed and crosses of creole does and nubian bucks, aged 1.5-5 years, were recorded and body traits including: head length (hl), head width (hw), body length (bl), trunk length (tl), chest girth (cg), abdominal perimeter (ap), rump length (rl), and height at withers (hw) were measured to develop equations for predicting lw from the body measurements. weight, sex, breed and kidding date of 354 kids were recorded at birth, and lw of the ki ...200717847823
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