[epidemiological situation of foodborne diseases in santiago, chile in 1999-2000].foodborne diseases are becoming an important cause of morbidity in chile. in the metropolitan region of chile, the environmental health service started a surveillance program for foodborne diseases in 1994. in 2000, this program was complemented with an etiologic study of individuals involved in outbreaks.200212143269
evolution of drug resistance in salmonella panama isolates in a search for salmonella isolates in the environment in chile in 1975, drug-susceptible strains of salmonella panama were recovered for the first time from river water and vegetables in the vicinity of santiago. two to 3 years later, antibiotic-resistant s. panama began to appear in a variety of sources (meat, animals, vegetables, etc.), giving rise to a human epidemic that involved the entire nation. of 139 clinical isolates studied, 7 were drug susceptible, 11 were resistant only to nitrofur ...19968834876
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