numerical taxonomy of microorganisms isolated from goat cheese made in chile.118 strains of heterotrophic microorganisms were isolated from goat cheese produced domestically in the iv region of northern chile (serene, ovalle, and illapel) and sold in supermarkets in valparaíso, chile. the results of 89 phenotypic tests were numerically analyzed against 17 reference strains, using the simple matching coefficient (s(sm)). thirteen phena were found at a 78% similarity level. five of them (a, b, c, d, and e) were assigned to the family enterobacteriaceae, phenon f was identi ...200111685504
[epidemiology of toxoplasmosis in chile. v. prevalence of the infection in humans and domestic and wild animals, studied by indirect hemagglutination reaction, in the juan fernández archipelago. v region].a serological study utilizing an indirect hemagglutination test (ihat) for toxoplasmosis was carried out in 222 humans and in 58 domestic animals (31 dogs, canis familiaris; 27 cats, felis catus), and in 62 wild mammals distributed into 50 rabbits, oryctolagus cuniculus and 12 goats, capra hircus. this survey was performed in the juan fernández archipelago, formed by three islands: robinson crusoe, santa clara and alejandro selkirk (80 degrees 47'-78 degrees 47' west long., and 33 degrees 36'-33 ...19892629770
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